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Life Can Be Easier

when you learn to live with grace.

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Do you ever feel like life should feel a little easier? A little softer? Do you wish you could play into the more gentle and elegant parts of yourself? #9DaysOfGrace is a free, easy and fun way to incorporate more intention and simplicity into your daily life.

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Who is #9DaysOfGrace for?

#9DaysOfGrace is for anyone who is trying to enjoy more out of the life they’re already living by appreciating the little things. 

How much does it cost?

It’s totally free! 

Ready to sign up?

#9DaysOfGrace will begin on January 3, 2017. To make sure you reserve your spot, make sure you enter your email! 



It’s A Pleasure To Guide You! 

Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf

Creative Marketing Expert

Named By Fast Company As “Top 100 Most Creative In Business”, Alex Wolf is a creative marketing consultant with a specialty in social media and viral marketing. She’s been featured as a “Top Creative Entrepreneur In Media & Marketing” by Inc. magazine.

She’s grown the fastest growing network of millennial business women with a following of over half a million in less than two years. She likes exploring bookstores, riding her scooter and hogging the local cafe’s wifi.

Sofia Cope

Sofia Cope

Content Creator

Creative troublemaker from Manila, and founder of Open Art School and The Mad Muse.

Sofia teaches about artistic thinking, self-expression and holistic branding for modern-day creators. She is notorious for turning people into diaries and contemplating on the many facets of the human experience through her writings and surrealistic collage artworks — always arriving at the conclusion that Creativity, Vulnerability, and Love are our ultimate superpowers, yet always forgotten or misplaced. She aims to help you remember.

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