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Taking time out to feel chic makes life feel lighter and prettier. It’s like finding a pair of heels that both look fabulous and don’t hurt your feet (score!).

New York Time’s best-selling author, Jennifer L. Scott, knows a thing or two about being chic. She’s written several books about the valuable lessons she learned while living in Paris and what it taught her about the fine art of living. Those Parisians know a thing or two about “The Graceful Life“, let me tell you.

I enjoy Jennifer’s work so much, I’m hosting a giveaway of her charming collection of “Madame Chic” books. The series has three parts “Lessons From Madame Chic”, “At Home With Madame Chic” and “Polish Your Poise With Madame Chic“.

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In her books,  Jennifer takes you on a pleasant journey covering everything from how to throw a tea party to arranging a timeless Parisian-inspired wardrobe. Click here to enter a chance to win all three books!

In this interview, we chatted about yoga pant addictions, the attack on femininity and the power of a ten-item wardrobe (it goes deeper than just clothes).

Please enjoy this episode with my special guest and don’t forget to enter the giveaway. Your chic levels will increase so much, you’ll be quoting Co Co Chanel while wearing pearls. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4 Easy Ways To Be More Chic With NYT Best-Selling Author, Jennifer L. Scott:

1. Do Things That Make You Feel Happy To Be A Woman.  

Jennifer emphasizes that not all women need the same things to feel feminine but to embrace the things that do with all your heart, no matter how frilly, pink or girly it is. If you like the way a skirt moves as you walk, then wear the darn thing. Who cares what other people think?

If that red lipstick makes you smile every time you look in the mirror, then just put in on! This is your life we’re talking about here! You get to make most of the rules, especially ones that involve wearing fun lipstick.

If going on a hike with mountain boots is what reminds you of your womanhood then there’s no shame in that. Pack a granola bar and take on the peaks.

Being chic is about having peace with what connects you to your femininity.

Keep in mind, this also involves having peace with what other’s need to feel feminine as well. Rolling your eyes when you see a fellow female light up as she tries on a new pair of shoes or spends $300 on sunglasses is not chic. Let her have her moment. It will help you feel better when you have your’s.


2. Refrain From Wearing Yoga Pants Everyday 


One thing I love about Jennifer is how unafraid she is to express what she thinks. Usually when we hear about an outspoken person, we think of someone who has no filter and is a bit obnoxious but no.  Jennifer is different. See, Mrs. Scott is very poised and calm about her delivery.

She will suggest that you quit your yoga pant addiction with a smile and a cup of Earl Grey tea in her hand. She honestly means no harm. You can feel it. Maybe I should have a cup of tea in my hand next time I tell my boyfriend he needs to take the trash out, now.

Jennifer is not proposing yoga pants get banned from the world. In fact, she encourages you wear them, when you’re doing yoga of course. She’s really just speaking to the women who look at the crumpled, probably-not-so-clean yoga pants on the floor and think “I could do better than this“.

Jennifer is here to say “Yes. Yes you can”.

After reading her advice in At Home With Madame Chic”, I longingly stared at the pretty dresses in my closet just hanging there, in their overpriced beauty, waiting patiently for me to notice them.

One morning I threw on a fancy dress and decided to work from home in it. Of course I got the expected “Where are you going?” from my boyfriend. And of course I gave him back a nervous gulp and said “Um, nowhere. I just decided to dress up.”

It did feel a little silly at first but eventually when I was alone, and the sun was pouring into my apartment, I looked down at my dress and noticed it’s draping beauty. Charmed, I got a spark of confidence that reflected into my work and just made me feel, well, like less of a slob.

I was a real blogger now. You know, the type that gets dressed up to do it!

3. Romance The Ordinary 


I asked Jennifer what she thought us American girls could learn from those chic French ladies. What part of their philosophy could we benefit from? “That’s a good question” she said.

“What the Parisians are really good at, are making these everyday things that we do, [and] turning them from mundane things to beautiful experiences”.

Ultimately, the French (both men and women) have a way of romancing the ordinary. Little things like going for a walk, cleaning up the house and eating are enjoyed with an appreciation that the go-go-go of American culture misses out on. Eating is a big one.

“Every weeknight meal when I lived in Paris was just… so pleasurable.” You should hear her say this. It’s on 9:36 of the podcast and you can tell from the sound of her voice, she ain’t lying.

Oh, I can only imagine. Fresh cheeses, breads and olive oil. Yes. How could you not enjoy that? But, the French don’t just make the easy things pleasurable, they do a good job at making “chores” sexy too.

We laughed about how ordinarily boring things like folding sheets or washing dishes can become a delightful experience depending on your mindset. It’s a matter of being appreciative that you have dishes to wash and clean sheets to fold in the first place.

“Life needs maintenance” I told her. “It has to be done! You might as well enjoy it!” she replied. We laughed. So true. Those surfaces ain’t going to dust themselves. Might as well make it an experience. It’s not always easy but if you can tap into this chic grace, oh, well, life will just feel like a warm Parisian breeze.


4. Try A Ten-Item Wardrobe 


I asked Jennifer what baby steps someone should take to adopt a more “Madame Chic” lifestyle. She suggests tossing out half of your clothes.

“It’s not a baby step, it’s kind of a radical step” [laughs] “but it really is the portal to everything else”. What portal is she talking about? The portal to your poise. Jennifer makes it clear that by working on one area of your life, it will start to influence the others.

“Once you commit to doing a ten-item wardrobe, suddenly you’re going to commit to having a clutter-free home. Because if your wardrobe is so clutter-free, then the clutter in your home is going to bother you.” she says smiling. Hmm. So it’s like a chic domino effect? I’ll take it.

I’d like to thank Jennifer for her time and wisdom. It takes a brave woman to live like a Parisian in Paris and then to keep living like one here.

Don’t forget to enter a chance to win all of Jennifer’s books. After you’re done entering, go follow Jennifer on Youtube. She uploads videos weekly. Yes, with tea. <3

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